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Your personalized services are based on the latest, proven techniques and technologies while your spirit is soothed with aromatherapy, soft wraps, and silky sheets.
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* If you need to re-schedule an appointment, 24-hour notice is appreciated. 
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Ultrasonic Body Sculpting
CaviSculpt Body Sculpting for the Body You Want
$385 package of 3.

CaviSculpt is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment based on low frequency ultrasonic waves that pass safely through body tissue. Their energy is released when they contact fat cells, creating bubbles that destroy the fat cells and liquefy the fat. The fat and water are then removed from the body by the lymph system, excreted by the kidneys, and metabolized as energy by the liver. The procedure is comfortable and circumference loss often begins with the first treatment. A healthy eating program and light exercise will give optimal results. This procedure is ideal for tackling stubborn fat that resists diet and exercise, around tummies, flanks, butts, thighs and upper arms. A series of treatments is necessary. The number depends on the thickness of the fat layer, body type, and results desired.


Facial Treatments
The Works: Vee's Signature Rejuvenation
The ultimate rejuvenating facial to regain radiance, smoothness and elasticity. A gentle pre-exfoliation is followed by texture correction, deep hydration, and extraction of  impurities with the HydraFacial machine. A Stem Cell Peptide Peel nourishes and stimulates the skin, then a Warming Mineral Mask massage adds needed trace elements and softness. The skin is firmed, lifted, and plumped with a targeted Anti-Aging Mask and a NuFace microcurrent application. Your treatment finishes with a glycolic hand peel and moisturizing massage for hands and feet. 90 min


HydraFacial Advanced Skin Rejuvenation
The HydraFacial™ is a skin rejuvenation treatment superior to some laser procedures but with no downtime. It reduces signs of aging such as fine lines, dryness, and hyperpigmentation; reduces acne breakouts and balances oil production; and protects and beautifies normal skin. After a deep cleanse, the skin's texture is smoothed and corrected by sweeping away dead cells using the smoothing tip and a light peel. Impurities are painlessly extracted. A moisture mask massage stimulates oxygen and nutrient take-up. A botanical stem cell mask activates the skin's rejuvenation system. Then, the skin is bathed with active serums that provide deep moisture and antioxidant protection.The skin appears visibly younger. Arm and hand moisturizing, aromatherapy and premium Lucrece products complete this luxurious and effective treatment. 55 min. 
DermaSound Elite Ultrasonic Facial
The non-invasive DermaSound Elite ultrasonic skin treatment uses low frequency sound waves to improve all skin conditions, including wrinkles, acne, rosacea and pigmentation. To exfoliate, pure water molecules are spun across the skin in vibrations of 28,000 times per second, to remove damaged and dead skin cells without trauma or inflammation. An appropriate peel and masks are applied to the skin as needed. Then, protective anti-oxidants and hydrators are infused through a process called sonophoresis, which creates pathways in the skin through which the cosmeceuticals can nourish at a cellular level. Finally, microcurrent helps to repair and rebalance the cells by assisting in the transport of nutrients and removal of waste, and increasing cellular energy levels. The results? Visibly smoother skin with more even tone and texture, minimized appearance of pores and wrinkles.
Anti-oxidant Fruit Salad Facial
Treat yourself to nature's best fruit extracts and science's best peptides, for deliciously smooth, free radical-fighting skin. Remove fine lines and rough texture with a Pineapple Scrub, Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, and Stem Cell Peptide Peel. A hydrating gel mask massage adds deep moisture. Your skin is further moisturized, firmed and protected with premium Lucrece products, including the amazing Apple Stem Cell Serum and Moisturizer, and our best-selling zinc-based sunscreen. 55 min

Hot & Cold Stone Detox Facial
This deeply-relaxing skin clean-up refreshes, firms, and flushes out toxins, using contrasting temperatures to assist the body in self-healing. It includes a light peel to resurface and smooth the skin; lymph stimulation to activate the skin's natural cleansing processes; hot stone massage to improve circulation and the delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients; and cold marble stone massage to tighten tissue, stimulate energy points, and reduce inflammation. A moisturizing honey mask completes this unforgettable experience. 75 min

Deeper Exfoliation Peels
TCA Resurfacing, $150
The Gold Standard of peels. Improves texture, reduces spots and lines, smooths and freshens the skin. Includes a follow-up express facial to finish and hydrate. Aftercare kit required.

Lightening and Brightening Vitamin C Peel, $140
Helps to even color, brighten the skin, and fade brown spots. Includes a follow-up DermaSound express facial to increase exfoliation and moisturize the skin.

Removal of Minor Skin Irregularities
A quick, effective way to remove those little blemishes that bother you.
Face, Neck, Decollete, Hands, Individual Lesions

$40 per 15 minute increment

Get rid of brown spots, tiny spider veins, cherry spots, skin tags, bumpy enlarged oil glands, milia, or stubborn pimples safely, and non-invasively. Best results with an express facial pretreatment. Does not treat warts, moles or melasma,

Express Treatments
Quick, effective little treatments that save time and money. Express services treat the face only. For inclusion of the neck and decollete, see the full service facials.
Express HydraFacial
This amazing skin rejuvenation treatment  is great for normal, aging or acneic skin, it reduces fine lines, dryness, and hyperpigmentation and balances oil production. You get deep cleansing and exfoliation, painless extraction of impurities, deep hydration, and baby-bottom results. Lucrece facial products leave you glowing.45 min
Express DermaSound Facial
Beautiful results for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin. This facial includes a skin-polishing UltraSound exfoliation done with distilled water, followed by a light peel. A moisturizing, anti-inflammatory gel mask is massaged into your skin. Luxurious Lucrece products are made even more effective using ultrasound penetration. The express facial does not include the microcurrent treatment.  45 min.

Fresh-Up Peel
A lactic, glycolic or mandelic peel instantly smooths texture and adds moisture while fighting fine lines and breakouts. Includes cleanse, pre-exfoliation, and premium Lucrece finishing products. 35 min
Mini Facial
Need a quick pick-me-up? Renew your skin with a cleanse, pumpkin exfoliation,  correcting mask, and a premium Lucrece product finish. 30 min
Body Treatments
The skin is your largest organ. It's important to keep the whole body healthy.
Velvet Moisture Scrub
$85        Airbrush tanning preparation without Body Butter, $65
This full-body smoothing and hydrating treatment begins with an exfoliating sugar or sea salt polish. Then, relax in a cocoon of hydrating, heated towels before you are massaged with a moisturizing finish of warm body butter. 60 min
Back Facial
Have the smoothest, sexiest back ever. Cleansing, exfoliation, blemish extraction and an anti-bacterial mask help keep this hard-to-reach area clear.
Hand or Foot Rejuvenation
Look younger and softer with a hot towel cleanse, glycolic peel, and callus removal.  Then, relax and enjoy a Skinful Pleasures signature sugar scrub, heated wrap, and moisturizing finish. 20 min
Lash & Brow Tinting
Brows & Lashes

Brow Design
More than 8 weeks growth $25
Brow Maintenance
Less than 8 weeks growth  $20
Lip Area
Inner rim, wax only $15
Lower Face
Half $35        Full $48
Half $45    Full $55
Edge line $35     Extended $45     Brazilian or L.A. $60
Hands or Feet
Nape of Neck
Full Back

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